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The STA Market Technician is the journal of the STA and is published twice a year, with contributions from expert members and guest writers.

This well-respected journal offers timely articles on technical analysis and charting methods, book and software reviews, as well as speaker notes from some of the STA’s monthly meetings.

An archive of past editions is available in the member’s area.

The opportunity to submit articles to the STA Market Technician is open to any technical analyst from anywhere in the world.

If you would like to contribute, please contact the editor at

Please find below two examples of the Market Technician, one from June 2010 in which Robert Prechter writes about the “real-time application of the Elliott Wave Model” and the other from November 2012 in which Martin Pring “wither(s) the trend for global equities.”

STA Journal : Sample Issue
STA Journal : Sample Issue

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Current Issue

Market Technician No 84 March 2018

The March issue of Market Technician includes T Brackett and K Crystal – A Brief History of the Development of Median Line Analysis, AKA Andrews Pitchfork (Part 1); S Godstein – Sensemaking: a new twist on what is needed for success in trading and investment; J Smithson – Extending the frontiers of technical analysis: the application of WD Gann’s forecasting method to the currency markets; details on the new STA Home Study Course; STA news; interview with Trevor Neil, STA book club plus much more!

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