STA Gala Dinner 2019

On Wednesday 18 September 2019, the STA held its Gala Dinner at the National Liberal Club, in the heart of Westminster, London.


Tom Hicks, STA Chairman, welcomed guests to the event and gave an update on the latest STA news and plans for 2020. Tom presented Anne Whitby, Karen Jones and Guido Riolo with surprise gifts in gratitude for their service on the STA board over the years before retiring end of 2018. Guest speaker was Clive Lambert who gave a highly entertaining talk about his career starting on the LIFFE floor in the late 1980s. The evening finished off with several drinks on the terrace with stunning views of the Thames.

The next dinner will be held in September 2021. More details nearer the time.



STA Annual Dinner 2017

On Wednesday, 20 September 2017, the STA held its Annual Dinner at the National Liberal Club.

Members gathered for a drinks reception ahead of the 3 course gala dinner – held in the magnificent Lloyd George room. Axel Rudolph, STA Chairman, welcomed members to the event and gave an update on the latest STA news and plans for 2018. Luise Kliem, the STA’s chief examiner then gave a few words before presenting the 2017 Bronwen Wood Memorial Prize to Marco Meola. To read a transcript of both these speeches please click here.

We were honoured that this year’s guest speaker was Charlie Morris, Head of Multi Asset at Newscape, where manages the Newscape Diversified Growth Fund.  A write-up on this, and the evening, will shortly be posted in the blog section of our website.



The STA celebrates its 30th anniversary dinner at the National Liberal Club

Current and former presidents come together

On Wednesday, 30 November 2016, the Society of Technical Analysts celebrated its 30th Anniversary dinner at the National Liberal Club in London, commemorating three decades as the industry’s guiding body. The STA is in fact the oldest professional body of its kind in the world – its predecessor, the Association of Chart and Technical Analysts, or ACTA, was founded in 1968.

“Looking around at everyone here this evening, old members and new, brings home to me just how far we have come since 1968 in expanding awareness and understanding of technical analysis and behavioural finance,” said STA Chair Axel Rudolph, FSTA MCSI. “Half a century ago, technical analysis was about as mainstream as witchcraft. Today, our discipline is accepted and welcomed as a vital investment tool in an increasingly complex financial universe.”


Axel was able to thank two of his predecessors for their many years of hard work. The STA’s very first leader Philip Gray, Chairperson from 1986-89, made an audio presentation to the 119 guests assembled, while the after dinner speech was given by Robin Griffiths, who chaired the society from 1989-92.

Robin reminded members just how much financial techniques have advanced along with modern technology. His first adventures with technical analysis involved laboriously filling in sheets of graph paper – the methodology predates modern computers and spreadsheets by many years.

Also thanked at the dinner were STA Head of Marketing Karen Jones, responsible for the society’s Marketing Committee, former Chair Anne Whitby and honorary Fellow Mark Tennyson d’Eyncourt. Axel also presented Karen with the award of Fellowship to the STA in recognition of her significant contribution to professional technical analysis and the STA committee.

The next STA Annual Dinner will be held in the Autumn 2017.

Previous Speakers

2015 - Dr Greg Davies

Dr Greg B Davies is Head of Behavioural Finance, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management. Greg leads a global team of behavioural and quantitative finance specialists, and is responsible for the design and global implementation of Barclays’ Investment Philosophy.

He is an Associate Fellow at Oxford University’s Saïd Business School, and his first book, Behavioral Investment Management, was published in January. He has authored papers in multiple academic disciplines, and is a frequent media commentator on Behavioural Finance.

2014 - Deborah Owen FSTA - combined with the IFTA2014 Gala Dinner

Deborah Owen is a past Chairman of the Society of Technical Analysts and the editor of the Society’s Journal, The Market Technician. She is also Head of Education and sits on the STA’s ethics, grandfathering and IFTA liaison committees.

Deborah is the Managing Editor of Investment Research of Cambridge Ltd. Deborah, who is a Fellow of the STA, has recently been invited to become a visiting professor at Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL).

2013 - Dominic Frisby

Dominic is MoneyWeek’s commentator on gold and commodities. He is the presenter and producer of Frisby’s Bulls & Bears – an internet radio show in which he discusses financial and economic matters with leading lights of the sector. Dominic was educated at St Paul’s School, Manchester University and the Webber-Douglas Academy Of Dramatic Art. He is also one of the UK’s leading voiceover artists, a TV presenter and stand-up comedian.

2012 - David Buick

David Buik has spent 50 years in the City of London and is considered a household name as one of the most public faces and voices in finance.

David joined BGC Partners in 2006 and as the public face of the brand has helped build its reputation as a leading global brokerage company. In March 2011, David stepped down from his full-time role as Markets Commentator to work for the firm on a part-time basis.

2011 - Alpesh Patel

Alpesh B. Patel is one of the UK’s best known financial commentators and authors. He is the founder of As well as writing 9 bestselling books on trading, he is a regular columnist for the Financial Times newspaper, and presented the popular ‘CEO in the Hot Seat’ on Bloomberg television. He appears regularly on CNN, Sky Business News, CNBC and BBC radio and television.

2010 - Bill Keegan

William Keegan is The Observer’s senior economics commentator. He has written articles published in The Guardian and The Observer.

He has been analysing government and central banking performance for several decades and was Economics Correspondent of the Financial Times. Additionally, he has worked with the Bank of England’s Economic Intelligence Department.

His published books include 2066 and All That, The Spectre of Capitalism, Mrs Thatcher’s Economic Experiment, Mr Lawson’s Gamble, Britain Without Oil, and The Prudence of Mr Gordon Brown.

2009 - Stephen Grant


2008 - Barry Riley

Barry is a well respected journalist who spent many years at the Financial Times.

2007 - Roger Nightingale

Roger has worked in the city for almost 40 years. Initially, he was a research economist with Hoare Govett. More recently he has set up an independent consultancy.

2006 - David Murrin

David has over 20 years experience in propriety trading and financial markets. David gave an amusing talk explaining amongst other things how his first job living and working with local tribes in the Sepik Basin in Papua New Guinea was a formative experience and shaped his theories on behavioural based analysis techniques that could be applied to the financial markets.

2005 - Martin Mallett

Chief Dealer at the Bank of England. Martin was quick to admit that he was a supporter – though not a practitioner – of technical analysis and acknowledged its usefulness.The Bank studies technical conditions and also, where appropriate, employs a technical approach to enhance its trading activities. During his address Martin spoke broadly about his role as a Central Banker.

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