Tomasz Pelc MSTA CFTe

Tomasz Pelc MSTA CFTe

Founder, Pelc Enterprises
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Tom has over 30 years experience of financial markets, starting as a technical analyst/strategist with Standard and Poors, and then at Merrill Lynch. After he was a Portfolio Manager/Trader at a hedge fund where he co- managed a $2 Billion Hedge Fund. He then became Head of Technical Strategy at RBS for 11 years. More recently he spent the last 7 1/2 years at Nomura International Plc as a Managing Director. Since April 2019 Tom founded Pelc Enterprises an advisory service to financial institutions and high net worth individuals.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting May 2012 A Brief Pantology of Technical Analysis

Tom’s talk will touch back onto his Rhythm of Time lecture and see what worked/did not work out – ie. look back at some cycle activity (even including sunspots), and then touch on some concepts in Technical Analysis, such as Lucas Tables and the Padovan sequences for forecasting, and incorporate the more esoteric in passing too. He will broach the subject of market behaviour past and future, using exogenous shock examples etc. He then aims to outline briefly the misconceptions in the analytical world such as Gausian theory; also on Fractal arguments put forward by Mandlebrot, to better understand market behaviour.

A Brief Pantology of Technical Analysis

STA Monthly Meeting June 2010 The rhythm of time

Tom has a keen interest in cycles, believing there is no dualism between financial markets and natural cycles. He will talk about a variety of approaches to cycles in order to determine timing and price.

Attendees will have to have an open mind as he will challenge the concept of measuring time and look at the different cultural attempts to track time from the Mayan calendar to the Chinese/Japanese techniques, even heliotaraxy (effect of solar activity on the biosphere). Planetary alignments and well known cycles such as Kondratieff and Martin Armstrong’s work will also be discussed. The conclusions will allude to recent events and coming events that can be forecasted by using a cycles approach in line with technical chart signals. Tom will show how to exploit these observations and incorporate them into a strategy for making profits in the future.

The rhythm of time

STA Monthly Meeting January 2008 Prospects for 2008

Foreign Exchange

STA Monthly Meeting / Extraordinary General Meeting September 2005 “Rule of Confirmation” to give confidence in your trading outlook

Tom will examine the market climate, and use technical analysis to discuss technical scenarios, by way of demonstrating the “rule of confirmation”. He will look at cross markets to formulate trading strategy. For example, looking at the UK interest rate cycle, and how that impacts on the yield curve and resulting fly trading activity. Tom will show how he uses various chart types – candles, bar & line – to confirm signals. He also looks at calendar and yield spread differentials, and in some instances applies objective tools like moving averages and m/a systems, as well as momentum tools.

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STA Videos with Mr. Pelc

  • STA Meeting May 2012 – Tom Pelc
  • STA Meeting June 2010 – Tom Pelc

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