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Tom Rubython

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Tom Rubython started his career as a market trader and wandered around England for six years selling china and pottery. In 1989, he noticed a gap in the market for a market trader’s newspaper and launched Marketeer, Britain’s first nationally distributed weekly free newspaper. He sold Marketeer after a few years and launched a series of leisure industry magazines, Amusement Business, Body Business, Vending Business and Leisure Business, which eventually became a weekly called LesiureWeek, which dominated leisure industry publishing until it was sold. He then launched BusinessAge magazine, which he sold five years later and was a launch pad for the ill-fated Sunday Business newspaper. This led to the launch of EuroBusiness magazine and then Formula 1 Magazine in partnership with Bernie Ecclestone. Tom ended his magazine career with SportsPro magazine, which he sold in 2008. Alongside the magazines, he published many other annuals and yearbooks including the Offshore Finance Annual.

With the future of magazine publishing in doubt with the rise of digital publishing, Tom entered book publishing. Jesse Livermore Boy Plunger is Tom’s first financial book and came about as a result of his admiration of Jesse Livermore and his trading methods over 20 years. The book was over 10 years in the planning as Tom and his close associate, David Peett, also a Livermore disciple, waited for Livermore’s own anonymous biography, Reminiscences of a Stock Operator,  to go out of copyright. Boy Plunger, which told the whole story of the life of Jesse Livermore in intimate detail, warts and all, was finally published in 2014. It has since sold steadily since in Britain and America. It is currently being licenced in most countries of the world for translation including China. Tom believes it will sell forever and many future generations of financers, traders and analysts will want to read about the incredible life of Jesse Livermore.

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