Thomas Anthonj MSTA

Thomas Anthonj MSTA

Executive Director and Senior Technical Strategist of FX Strategy, JPMorgan
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Thomas joined JPMorgan in September 2009, taking over the role of FX Technical Strategist. His main focus is on G10 and European currencies where he develops trading and investment strategies, mainly on the basis of Elliott and Fibonacci-applications.

He is author of the flagship publication FX Tech London Open and co-author of FX Markets Weekly. Prior to his role with JPMorgan Thomas was heading the Central Desk for technical analysis with ABN Amro bank in Amsterdam for 9 years, covering all asset classes and traded STIRT products as of 1998 with ABN Amro Bank in Frankfurt. From 1988 to 1998 he was involved with proprietary trading in government bonds and futures with Chemical Bank, UBS and ABB Treasury was his main responsibility.

Thomas is a regular lecturer on the Society of Technical Analysts Diploma Part 2 Course.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting February 2011 Free your mind with Elliott/Fibonacci applications or how to dissolve fixed concepts

Acquiring a new way of thinking for the successful application of the Elliott Wave Theory

STA Monthly Meeting May 2016 Systematic Trading based on Elliott-Fibonacci applications

Systematic Trading based on Elliott-Fibonacci applications
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  • STA Meeting February 2011 – Thomas Anthonj

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