Stephen M Barrett

Stephen M Barrett

Stephen M Barrett is the author of the very controversial book “From Plato to Wall Street”. It was written as a result of a trade gone wrong in 1983 which prompted him to investigate TIME. From his decoding of Gann’s work “The Tunnel thru the Air” to the mysteries of the Platonic Schools, he has uncovered a remarkable mathematical matrix which determines the Time Cycles for Stocks and Commodities. During his talk, Stephen will show participants Gann’s Master Time Cycle.

A trader of 44 years’ experience, Stephen turned $50,000 into $315,000 in 4 months in the only Australian Futures Championships ever held. He is in London for the 4th Annual Conference of his school “The Academy”.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting October 2016 Gann's Master Time Cycle

Gann's Master Time Cycle
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