Shyam Devani

Shyam Devani

Senior Technical Strategist, Citigroup Global Markets

Shyam Devani is a Senior Technical Strategist in London for CitiFX Technicals, a multi asset product that aims to provide a coherent view on major global markets.

Shyam has worked at Citi since November 2006 and has covered clients globally since. He has been analysing markets as a chartist and cross market strategist since 2004.

CitiFX Technicals is consistently rated as one of the best publications of its kind “on the street” and aims to provide dynamic analysis across various asset markets (FX, Interest rates, Commodities, Equities and EM). The team aims to analyse financial markets in a building block process in order to establish a view of “What is going on in the World”.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting November 2012 Cross market dynamics for YE and 2013

Shyam will present an examination of the macro markets and the methodology he uses.

Cross market dynamics for YE and 2013

STA Monthly Meeting January 2010 Panel Debate: 2010 Outlook

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STA Videos with Mr. Devani

  • STA Meeting November 2012 – Shyam Devani

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Tuesday 7th July 2020 at 6.30pm


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