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Nicole Elliott

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After graduating from the London School of Economics Nicole Elliott started her banking career in the City of London in 1982. Whether in trading, sales or an advisory capacity Technical Analysis has been the bedrock of her methodology.

She has a wealth of markets experience including Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Fixed Income, Stock Indices, Derivatives and Commodities. She has spoken extensively on the subject, at conferences, to the press and on television, covering both market views and also teaching Technical Analysis. She is a published author and a recognized expert on Ichimoku Cloud charts.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting February 2012 Cloud Charts

Nicole will begin her talk by briefly going over how the cloud charts work. Then she will go over a series of different asset classes and show how well/badly they performed in 2011, in themselves, relative to opportunity costs and whether the clouds were of any use in predicting the moves. Then she will look at those where the clouds did work well and see if currently these look as though they might actually predict this year’s moves as well.

STA Monthly Meeting June 2010 The rhythm of time

Tom has a keen interest in cycles, believing there is no dualism between financial markets and natural cycles. He will talk about a variety of approaches to cycles in order to determine timing and price.

Attendees will have to have an open mind as he will challenge the concept of measuring time and look at the different cultural attempts to track time from the Mayan calendar to the Chinese/Japanese techniques, even heliotaraxy (effect of solar activity on the biosphere). Planetary alignments and well known cycles such as Kondratieff and Martin Armstrong’s work will also be discussed. The conclusions will allude to recent events and coming events that can be forecasted by using a cycles approach in line with technical chart signals. Tom will show how to exploit these observations and incorporate them into a strategy for making profits in the future.

The rhythm of time

STA Monthly Meeting & Christmas Party December 2007 Twenty five years of Technical Analysis - Pen & black ink to Mouse - From the Dark Ages to the Enlightenment?

IFTA 2014 Power Hour - The chart most likely to ...

During the ‘Power Hour – The chart most likely to …‘ the panel show their favourite charts and discuss their technical outlooks on certain financial markets.

Power Hour - The chart most likely to ...
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STA Videos with Ms. Elliott

  • STA Meeting February 2012 – Nicole Elliott
  • IFTA2014 - Power Hour - The chart most likely to ...

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