Murray Gunn MSTA CFTe

Murray Gunn MSTA CFTe

Head of Research, Elliott Wave International
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Murray Gunn MSTA is Head of Research for Elliot Wave International’s Global Market Perspective, a monthly summary of the firm’s 25 analysts’ views on every major freely traded market in the world. (You can follow his Elliott Wave analysis at Formerly Head of Technical Analysis at HSBC, Murray worked previously as a fund manager in global bonds, currencies and stocks for institutions including Standard Life Investments and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

A published author on technical analysis, Murray holds the MSTA, is a Certified Financial Technician (CFTe) and has been investing and trading with technical analysis since the early 1990s. Murray is a former member of the board of the STA.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting January 2014 Panel Debate: My favorite charts for 2014

Tim McCullough: Technical Strategy Outlook 2014 Phil Roberts: 1618 Trading and Management Murray Gunn: Favourite Charts for 2014

STA Monthly Meeting June 2011 Trend-Wave Trading

Murray will present on how to combine the Elliott Wave Principle with Trend Following in order to enhance returns and seek out high probability opportunities. He will also address why Elliott’s Wave Principle is arguably the purest form of technical analysis and present his current market outlook across the macro asset class space, including some socionomic analysis.

Trend-Wave Trading
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STA Videos with Mr. Gunn

  • STA Meeting January 2014 – Panel Discussion
  • STA Meeting June 2011 – Murray Gunn

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