Mick Swift

Mick Swift

Deputy CEO & Research Director, Abbey Capital

Mick Swift is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer & Research Director at Abbey Capital. Abbey Capital is an alternative investment firm; its flagship multi-manager fund is focused on managed futures and foreign exchange. Founded in 2000, Dublin-based Abbey Capital manages over $4.3 billion* and allocates to CTAs, FX and Global Macro managers.

The investor base of Abbey Capital’s funds includes pension funds, foundations, endowments, major private banks, multifamily offices and charities across Europe, North America and Asia.

*as at 30 April 2012

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting June 2012 Managed Futures

Mick’s presentation will explore the diversification that can be provided by managed futures in an investment portfolio. He will introduce managed futures and provide a brief background to the industry and the markets traded. The presentation will cover the strategy’s correlation to equity markets and show real life trade examples and the diversification achievable with Managed Futures.

De-mystifying Managed Futures
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STA Videos with Mr. Swift

  • STA Meeting June 2012 – Mick Swift

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Robin will talk on what he used to do in his career (spanning over 53 years), how it has changed and what he is doing now. The presentation will involve a global overview for all asset classes. Robin will also include anecdotes on his sailing round the world.

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STA Monthly Meeting – April 2020

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