Mathew Verdouw

Mathew Verdouw

Founder and Global CEO, Market Analyst International

Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe, has been living and breathing technical analysis for over 22 years. As a computer systems engineer he wrote his own TA platform —which has been used all over the world from private traders to major US firms. More recently, Mathew has become the only person in the world to currently teach the latest curriculum of all three levels of the CMT program. His broad exposure to technical analysis and his engineering background has led to many new insights and brand new ways to model analysis. Mathew is a staunch believer that there are still many new discoveries to be made in the area of technical analysis and that technicians should be at the forefront of all quantitative development. “TA’s best days are ahead of us, not behind us”.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting May 2013 A New Way of Looking at Market Profile

Mathew and Market Analyst are now on the cutting edge, providing tools and techniques never seen before in the financial industry. New innovations in 3D models and multi-touch interaction will ensure that Market Analyst will be a driving force in shaping Technical Analysis in the future.

Throughout the whole of Mathew’s career, he has spent a considerable amount of time looking at traditional Technical Analysis techniques in a different way. In this presentation he will cover the mechanics behind how he has taken the tried and true Market Profile and turned it into a momentum based indicator. The rationale behind the development of this technique could be applied to many other techniques in the future.

A New Way of Looking at Market Profile
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  • STA Meeting May 2013 – Mathew Verdouw

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