Ghassan bu Chedid MSTA

Ghassan bu Chedid MSTA

Director, Cap Trend UK

Ghassan worked as Head of CFD Cash desk at Moore Clayton stock brokers before moving to a boutique hedge fund, Sam Capital Partners, specializing in European equities as a Senior Technical Analyst assisting portfolio managers in choosing Long/Short portfolios as well as intra-day trading Dax futures. Most recently, Ghassan worked as Technical Analyst and Portfolio Manager at BlueCrest Capital where he developed a focus on options and the critical use of TA in options trading.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting June 2014 Applying technical analysis in a quant world

In his talk Ghassan will focus on the fact that most hedge funds are run by “Quants” with the largest bets placed using options. The fact that market neutral strategies remain the most predominant strategies in hedge funds highlights the strong belief of “Random Walk”. Using Technical Analysis it is possible to highlight pricing anomalies especially in low delta options. Delta trading and dynamic hedging is most suited to technical analysts, yet very little is done by them. Moving price pattern recognition to a quantitative system may be the first step in the right direction, as it allows the “Quant” to relate better and understand more the technical analyst’s point of view.” In Ghassan’s opinion something needs to change dramatically in the TA approach to allow non-TA (Quants) to understand what technical analysts do.

Applying TA in a Quant World
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  • STA Meeting June 2014 – Ghassan bu Chedid

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