Gerry Celaya

Gerry Celaya

Redtower Asset Management

Gerry Celaya runs Redtower Asset Management which advises banks, brokers, hedge funds, central banks and real money managers. Gerry has been a professional technical analyst for over 25 years and still learns something new every day, and firmly believes that the best way to learn is to have the courage to make mistakes.

Gerry started his career at Money Market Services in California but moved to London soon thereafter, trading for Bank of America on their quantitative desk and helping to run portfolios and advise clients at American Express Bank before setting up Redtower in sunny Aberdeenshire.

Gerry’s FX forecasts have consistently ranked ‘Top 10’ on the Reuters, Corporate Finance and Bloomberg lists. Gerry served as a Director of the STA and he was a member of the TSAA decades ago. His approach to market forecasting and trading is like many investors, a blend of fundamental thinking with practical technical analysis rules (Think Fundamental, Trade technical!).

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting May 2015 Technical Analysis in a Multi-Asset World

Gerry’s talk will cover the use of chart analysis in modelling long term trends in a multi-asset world, whilst working down to useful short term trading ideas.

Technical Analysis in a Multi‐Asset World Celaya Chart Example 1 Celaya Chart Example 2
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