Eddie Tofpik MSTA

Eddie Tofpik MSTA

Head of Technical Analysis & Senior Markets Analyst, ADM Investor Services International Ltd

Eddie started from school in the City of London as a Warrants Clerk for LME Metals traders Transworld Metals in 1980. Realising the potential the City had in the 1980s for growth of the financial services sector and recognising his natural savvy as a market trader in his youth in Petticoat Lane in London could be advantageous, he developed his career through Bullion trading at Mocatta & Goldsmid; Energy, Agricultural, Softs, Metals Futures and Options at Gerald Commodities, FX at Dean Witter plus FX, Futures, Equity and Fixed Income at Capcom. By 1990 he’d traded or brokered all of these & had enough expertise to have managed desks in all plus a temporary secondment to Chicago setting up for London based clients.

In 1991 he joined Esprit Brokers Limited (precursor to ADMISI) to develop FX and LME business. He started the 24 Hours FX Desk which after 26 years he still leads successfully as Head of FX at ADMISI.  In 1984 he was introduced by colleagues & friends to Technical Analysis & has been an avid practitioner ever since. Eddie is a Member of The Society of Technical Analysts in the UK and an Affiliate of the Market Technicians Association of the US. He’s also a Member of ACI-UK (the FX dealers association) & the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment. He was nominated for ‘Best Video or Podcast’ in the Forex Best Awards 2016 by FXStreet.com

At ADMISI, Eddie produces and publishes ‘Eddie’s Crayons…’, a monthly Technical Analysis review of FX and selected commodity futures markets. Additionally, he’s a regular commentator on FX with CME London’s YouTube channel plus guest’s on Core Finance TV, FXStreet.com and Voice America’s ‘Engage with Andy Busch’ radio show. He’s also spoken at many international conferences and seminars on FX. Eddie was a visiting lecturer at the University of Essex, teaching the FX section on the short Masters level course – Financial Trading Analysis (‘FTA’).

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