David Kedmey

David Kedmey

President & Co - Founder, EidoSearch
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David Kedmey is the President and Co-Founder of EidoSearch, a predictive analytics company applying advanced pattern search technologies to financial time series data. David previously worked in the mergers and acquisitions group in the investment banking division at Oppenheimer & Co in New York. Mr. Kedmey also worked at the Alvery Bartlett Group, where he raised capital for its hedge fund management company and for private placements in real estate and energy.

David has been selected for his thought leadership in data-driven analytics to present at events including Battle of the Quants and The Intelligent Trading Summit. He has also been featured in publications including Institutional Investor, Wall Street Letter, Wall Street & Technology, Inside Market Data, Waters, Forex Magnates and more.

Presentations for the STA

IFTA 2014 The application of pattern search technology in finance

The application of pattern search technology in finance – David Kedmey looks at the best ways to use this valuable technique and how you can improve the way that you use it to trade.

The application of pattern search technology in finance
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STA Videos with Mr. Kedmey

  • IFTA2014 - The application of pattern search technology in finance

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