Clement Thibault

Clement Thibault

Senior Financial Markets Analyst,
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Clement is a Senior Financial Markets Analyst for, a leading internet global financial portal.  Clement joined about three years ago, and was the first, full-time analyst for the company. As such, he pioneered the site’s efforts to provide quality analysis and investing insights to’s users.

His interests range from micro to macro, with a special emphasis on the US stock market and the evolving Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Clement also currently functions as’s media liaison, working with the media and the company’s PR team to provide quotes and extended insight on anything regarding the financial markets. In this role, Clement is regularly asked to give print interviews and radio segments. His insight and analysis is regularly quoted in leading US media outlets such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Forbes, USA Today and many others.

Over the past year, Clement has also had the opportunity to speak in multiple conferences around the globe, showcasing his original analysis and research.

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