Christian Schirmeister

Christian Schirmeister

Senior Consultant, London Metal Exchange

Christian is a Senior Consultant to the London Metal Exchange. He started his professional career 1979 as an apprentice at Metallgesellschaft AG in Frankfurt, Main. After years in Cologne and London he joined the Copper Department in Frankfurt and was finally appointed one of the four members of the all Commodities Managing Team (Geschaeftsbereichsleitung). In 1992 he moved to London, spent 2 years trading physical metals before becoming part of the brokerage business team of Metallgesellschaft Ltd. As Head of Client Liaison worldwide he experienced the Company’s transition into MG plc, Enron Metals, Sempra Metals, RBS Sempra and finally J.P. Morgan from where he left as an Executive Director. He has been active in various international Advisory Bodies, Associations, held numerous Directorships and since 2008 is the current Chairman of the LME Copper Committee.

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David Keller CMT, Chief Market Strategist,

The Five Modes of Mindful Investors

A mindful investor is aware of behavioural biases and actively works to minimise their impact. During this presentation, Dave will use current charts to discuss how to recognise, restrain, respect, review, and reflect- the “five modes of mindful investors”- as a methodology to systematically identify common misbehaviors, adjust for them, and improve one’s trading results for much better returns.

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