Charles Morris

Charles Morris

Head of Multi-Asset, Atlantic House Fund Management

Charlie Morris is the head of Multi Asset at Atlantic House Fund Management, where he manages the Total Return Fund. His expertise comes from over 20 years’ experience in fund management, where he has built a reputation for managing active portfolios with a strong emphasis on efficient diversification and risk management. In previous roles, Charlie was the Chief Investment Officer at Newscape until 2018 and the Head of Absolute Return at HSBC Global Asset Management until 2015. Prior to a career in finance, Charlie was an officer in the Grenadier Guards, British Army. Charlie writes the Fleet Street Letter on investments, Atlas Pulse on gold and is the Chairman and founder of the Bitcoin analytical website

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STA Monthly Meeting – April 2020 (via Webinar)

Tuesday 14th April 2020 at 6.30pm


Sankar Sharma MSTA, CEO,

Crush it With Clouds

You will discover:

How, under five minutes, you can spot the following on any price chart:

  • Trend and direction
  • Momentum
  • Strength and the momentum
  • Stops
  • Entries and exits
  • Where to add to a winning position

Please note that with the Coronavirus, meetings at One Moorgate Place have been suspended until July. Talks will be given via webinar.

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STA Monthly Meeting – May 2020 (via Webinar)

Tuesday 12th May 2020 at 6.30pm

Title to be confirmed


Zaheer Anwari, The Dynamic Trader

STA Monthly Meeting – June 2020 (via Webinar)

Tuesday 9th June 2020 at 6.30pm

The Most Critical Economic and Financial Time Period of Our Generation


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