Brian Whitmer

Brian Whitmer

Elliott Wave International

Brian Whitmer is editor of The European Financial Forecast and contributes the European stock section of Global Market Perspective. Brian joined Elliott Wave International in 2009 after receiving his MBA from Georgia Southern University. He received a degree in civil engineering from the University of Maryland and has served as a designer, planner,vand project manager for $100-million-plus civil andvresidential developments. Brian’s analysis and forecasts are quoted in European media outlets and he has been interviewed by notable U.S. media including Yahoo! Finance and Fortune.

Presentations for the STA

STA AGM & Monthly Meeting November 2013 Major Bull Market or Massive Headfake? An Elliott Wave Overview for 2013-2016

The 2008-09 economic debacle left fundamental analysts struggling to find answers. At the same time, technical analysis flourished, as uncertain investors began to question the status quo. Fast forward five years, and the market’s recovery has emboldened the fundamentalists once again, who are back to using the same flawed logic that previously destroyed centuries-old enterprises. But that complacency is nearing an end. Employing the Elliott wave model of financial price movement and socionomic principles, analyst Brian Whitmer will clarify the market’s current juncture, identifying the key opportunities and major pitfalls facing investors over the coming year.

Brian Whitmer: A Tale of Two Europes
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  • STA Meeting November 2013 – Brian Whitmer

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David Keller CMT, Chief Market Strategist,

The Five Modes of Mindful Investors

A mindful investor is aware of behavioural biases and actively works to minimise their impact. During this presentation, Dave will use current charts to discuss how to recognise, restrain, respect, review, and reflect- the “five modes of mindful investors”- as a methodology to systematically identify common misbehaviors, adjust for them, and improve one’s trading results for much better returns.

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