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Ben Tyler MSTA

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Ben has had three formal careers: auditor, finance director of new media companies and, since 2000, investment strategy developer for pensions and long term savers. He stopped work at 50 to manage trials of proprietary strategies, write multi-asset research papers and manage his own family office.

His career as a part-time fundamental analyst started at Accountancy Age in 1970. He toyed with TA research as part of his Econometrics module at Warwick University in 1972 and he has studied charts daily since he was awarded “On-line Investor of the Year” by Investor’s Week.

As Finance Director at Prestel in 1983 he launched Citiservice with James Capel. After 23 years as a private investor he sat the CII’s Financial Planning exams in 1999/2000 and trained with a wealth management firm to become an AIFP, now CISI. (He is not currently regulated). In 2007/2008 his portfolios gained hugely from a switch out of equities into IBGM, an ETF for German Govt. Bonds, so Elroy Dimson suggested he wrote up the metrics he has developed.

In 2014 he bit the TA bullet and paid for the diploma courses to become an MSTA in 2015. Ben now intends to launch a Smart Beta institutional fund for which a 3 year trial was started on 1st July 2015 and is exceeding expectations.

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