Past Meetings

Past Meetings

The STA has been holding monthly lectures and meetings in the City of London since 1968.

As a service to members we video most of the meeting presentations and these are available for members to view free of charge.

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STA Monthly Meeting May 2006

Wednesday 10th May 2006

Market Timing Indicators of Tom DeMark

Tim actively trades his own funds across equities, fixed income, commodities & foreign exchange. Building on the disciplines imparted by the classics, he uses only technical analysis, with a variety of methods. He will focus on his use of various DeMark Indicators: TD Setup, Sequential, Combo, Moving Average 1, and how he combines these indicators. He aims to provide examples from a range of markets.


Tim McCullough, Lloyds Bank

Tim manages technical strategy for fixed income and foreign exchange at Lloyds Bank in London. He has over 25 years’ experience of trading, sales and strategy and has been a member of the STA for the last 10 years. Tim applies a blend of trend-following with contrarian indicators, principally Ichimoku and DeMark, across all asset classes and timeframes. In addition to a passion for classical languages, he has also been spotted more recently in the gym.

STA Monthly Meeting April 2006

Wednesday 12th April 2006

Technical Analysis in Fund Management

Prior to joining HSBC in 1998, Charles was in the Army, which instilled many of the essential disciplines for successful and consistent fund management. Although Technical Analysis is normally associated with market timing and trading, in order to make it more relevant within fund management, the objectives need to be altered. Stock selection and asset allocation are more important than market timing, and Charles will argue that, contrary to popular belief, technical analysis serves the former better than the latter.

Obviously, the generation of returns above the index is needed to justify an active fund manager’s existence, and a technical fund cannot live in isolation from this fact, and hide behind absolute return or trading. Charles will discuss the investment process behind the HSBC Global Trend Fund, with insights into currency-adjusted price relative (CAPR), trend following, contrarian investing, asset allocation and risk management.


STA Monthly Meeting March 2006

Wednesday 15th March 2006

Technical Analysis of Interest Rates and Yield Curves

Tom leads a team of analysts in London and New York, and is responsible for the production of daily Technical Watch publications. Through the use of technical analysis and global spread relationships the Technical Watch publications present daily directional evaluations of Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, and Equity futures and cash markets. Weekly technical publications include coverage of Asian capital markets, European Rates Weekly and the Global Futures & Options editions.

He aims to examine 2006 as a transition year for global fixed income markets that have been dominated by the bullish lower yield movement since 2000. Using correlation work, the 2000/2003 cyclical fixed income bull trends were primarily the products of the most severe equity setbacks since the early 1930’s. Higher yield corrections began in 2003, and the relationship between the current equity cycle and fixed income should decline by late 2006 early 2007.

Secular Exhaustion: Driven since 1981 in the US and early 1990’s in Europe, the consistent progress towards lower yields is reaching exhaustion. This has enormous consequences for yields over the next 2-10 years.


Tom Hobson, Managing Director Chief & Global Technical Analyst, Merrill Lynch

Tom Hobson has a wide remit at Merrill Lynch, including overseeing and coordinating EMEA rates publications and strategy recommendations, as well as the team responsible for the daily “Technical Watch” circulars.

STA Monthly Meeting February 2006

Wednesday 8th February 2006

How to identify high probability trading opportunities using relative sector/stock outor underperformance

Mark will be talking about how the STA Diploma course – especially moving averages, sector and equity price/relative chart analysis – has helped his career progression, which is now geared toward the more dynamic hedge fund world. He will explain how he finds and trades high probability trades with high win/loss ratios, by using relative value in conjunction with technical analysis. Mark will give numerous examples of some of his recent trades and explain why it makes sense to focus on those sectors and stocks which are out- or underperforming the market.


Mark Panter, Equity Sales, Lehman Brothers

Mark has been an equity sales trader since 1998, working for institutional/hedge fund clients at ABN Amro, CAI Cheuvreux and now Lehman Brothers.

STA Monthly Meeting January 2006

Wednesday 11th January 2006

Implied Volatility versus underlying entities

Implied volatility and put-call ratios are the only exact measure for sentiment that everyone can access. Making simple assumptions on how market-makers and the crowd (retail and institutional) behave, it is possible to derive from implied volatility an excellent gauge of fear and greed. Combined with price analysis, it increases the probability of spotting medium term trend reversals. It also appears that implied volatility obeys Dow theory, and can be analyzed as an asset of its own, therefore calling for trend reversals in volatility.

Valérie will provide recent examples and will share her experience of the methodology’s strengths and weaknesses.


Valérie Gastaldy, Founding Partner, Day by Day STA Meetings : Speakers : Valérie Gastaldy

Valérie Gastaldy graduated from ESSEC in 1985 to join immediately France’s largest broker at the time, Meeschaert-Rousselle, where she launched the first OTC index option in 1986, before being a market-maker on MONEP and then a prop ‘trader. Technical analysis appeared more adequate than fundamentals to answer her needs for short-term risk management.

STA Monthly Meeting & Christmas Party December 2005

Wednesday 7th December 2005

Reminiscences of a Market Journalist

Bill will not discuss the minutiae of TA very much, but, in his allotted span of 30 minutes, share some insights into his long and colourful career as a trader, broker and market journalist, aka market wisdom.


Bill Hubard, MIG

Bill graduated from the University of Virginia in 1966 and also has an MBA from the Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management, Phoenix. He first joined Morgan Guaranty on the government bond desk. After various stints as a broker to some famous names, he moved to the UK in 1997, when he joined Bloomberg.

STA Monthly Meeting November 2005

Wednesday 9th November 2005

Fixed Income markets: Trend, Fibonacci and the Greenspan “conundrum”

David will discuss his approach to analysing markets, with a particular focus on the application of Fibonacci. He will also look at the current outlook for global fixed income markets.


David Sneddon MSTA, Managing Director, Credit Suisse STA Meetings : Speakers : David Sneddon MSTA

David Sneddon is a managing director of Credit Suisse in the Investment Banking division, based in London. He is global head of Technical Analysis and is responsible for overseeing the entire technical analysis product, covering the Fixed Income, FX, Equity and Commodity markets, as well as the provision of technical analysis education within Credit Suisse and for clients globally.

STA Monthly Meeting October 2005

Wednesday 12th October 2005

Using Volatility to Refine Technical Signals

Kevin will discuss the use of volatility bands as an adaptive tool to gauge the phase of the market. He will then outline a way to adjust oscillators using volatility, to enhance trading performance. Using these measures, he will conclude by focusing on some current observations.


Kevin Edgeley

Kevin Edgeley has worked in the city since 1982. He spent 15 years as a floor trader on LIFFE for Bache, HSBC and Goldman Sachs before moving to a technical strategy role within economic research.

STA Monthly Meeting / Extraordinary General Meeting September 2005

Wednesday 14th September 2005

“Rule of Confirmation” to give confidence in your trading outlook

Tom will examine the market climate, and use technical analysis to discuss technical scenarios, by way of demonstrating the “rule of confirmation”. He will look at cross markets to formulate trading strategy. For example, looking at the UK interest rate cycle, and how that impacts on the yield curve and resulting fly trading activity. Tom will show how he uses various chart types – candles, bar & line – to confirm signals. He also looks at calendar and yield spread differentials, and in some instances applies objective tools like moving averages and m/a systems, as well as momentum tools.


Tomasz Pelc MSTA CFTe, Founder, Pelc Enterprises STA Meetings : Speakers : Tomasz Pelc MSTA CFTe

Tom has 24 years’ experience of financial markets, starting as a technical analyst/strategist with Standard and Poors. After Merrill Lynch, he comanaged Othon Investment, a $2 Billion Hedge Fund, before becoming Head of Technical Strategy at RBS for 10 years.

STA Monthly Meeting & Summer Party July 2005

Wednesday 6th July 2005

Big Picture Review

Jeff will adapt his normal monthly review to cover such international markets, sectors, bonds, commodities and currencies as can be shown within his allotted span of 30 minutes. He will focus mainly on what is hot, and to a lesser extent on what is not.


Jeff Hochman, Director of Technical Strategy, Fidelity Worldwide Investment STA Meetings : Speakers : Jeff Hochman

Jeff Hochman is Director of Technical Strategy at Fidelity Worldwide Investment. In his current role, Jeff manages a team of Technical Analysts with whom he provides support to Equity Fund Managers and Equity Research Analysts at both stock picking and macro asset allocation levels. He also frequently represents Fidelity to clients, the press and at conferences.

STA Monthly Meeting May 2005

Wednesday 11th May 2005

Ichimoku Charts – How to read Clouds for Profitable Advantage

David will focus on the latest findings on Ichimoku (Cloud) Charts, which were developed in Japan in the late 1960s, making them one of the most recent developments in Technical Analysis. Although there is still remarkably little written material available on the subject, the technique is becoming more widely followed in western markets. The Ichimoku session was one of the best acclaimed presentations at the Madrid IFTA Conference. David’s presentation follows on from that with the latest findings and observations.


David Linton MSTA, MFTA, Founder and CEO, Updata STA Meetings : Speakers : David Linton MSTA, MFTA

David is founder and CEO of Updata, which he founded in 1991. Updata now has technical analysis clients in over 60 countries with offices in London and New York. David is a member of the American Association of Professional Technical Analysts and holds the Master Financial Technical Analyst qualification awarded by the International Federation of Technical Analysts. He is a well known market commentator in the press and on finance TV. He is the author of Cloud Charts: Trading success with the Ichimoku technique.

STA Monthly Meeting April 2005

Wednesday 13th April 2005

The Psychology of Executing Wave Driven Trading Ideas

David will focus on his theories regarding the behavioural patterns of markets, their underlying psychological associations and the harnessing of internal feelings as one trades the market patterns. He will use recent examples to illustrate his thoughts, and make several key market predictions. He aims to cover as wide a range of markets as possible, including gold, oil, the dollar and US equities.


David Murrin, CIO, Emergent Asset Management

David read physics and geophysics at university, and has 18 years of experience with J P Morgan and his own firm, in both proprietary trading and investing, using the application of Elliott Wave to foreign exchange, bond and equity markets.

STA Monthly Meeting March 2005

Wednesday 9th March 2005

Dow Theory

Bill will take as his starting point his recent lecture for the Diploma Course and develop the rather neglected theme of Dow Theory as far his allotted span permits.


Bill Adlard

Bill started investing in 1970. He retired from legal practice in 1999, and has been trading ever since. In 2001 he became technical editor of Chart Insight published by Hemscott, and in 2004 started his own website, now part of Rivington Street Holdings plc, specializing in Elliott wave index trading.

STA Monthly Meeting February 2005

Wednesday 9th February 2005

Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar: Using Technicals to Avoid a Bitter Brew

The soft commodities are particularly prone to swings on rumour, political events and weather, making careful analysis of the charts for risk/reward opportunities an essential part of any trading plan. During her talk, Elizabeth will cover the background fundamentals of the marketplace, and how to interpret the charts with that knowledge.


Elizabeth Miller, Director & Head of Research, Redtower Research STA Meetings : Speakers : Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth has been a member of the Society since 1992, and holds an MSc in Economics from Birkbeck College, University of London. She is well known in the softs market, having been widely quoted on Reuters and other services.

STA Monthly Meeting January 2005

Wednesday 12th January 2005

Major Indices & The Best & Worst in Footsie

After starting with charts of essential items like Gold, Oil and a few Currencies, he will show charts of the Major Indices before moving on to highlight the Best and Worst from the FTSE 100 list. He will conclude with a selection of the most bullish and promising charts in the FTSE250 and the FTSE SmallCap indices. The charts will be selected on the morning of the 12th January and, hopefully, there will be a few topical messages or themes at the start of 2005.


Richard Lake, FSTA, MSI, AIIMR, Senior Director, Institutional Sales & Technical Analysis, Brewin Dolphin Securities

Richard is well-known to us as a Fellow, a founder member of our predecessor ACTA and a former chairman of the Society as well as an institutional stockbroker of long standing.

STA Monthly Meeting & Christmas Party December 2004

Wednesday 8th December 2004

2005 UK & Global Outlook: Money Management First, Technical Analysis Second and Fundamentals Third

Using the same skills which consistently beat fund managers, a mixture of technicals (trend following, momentum, statistical) and fundamentals Alpesh will discuss his favourite UK and global stocks, including ADRs (especially Brazilian, Indian, Chinese and Russian stocks), and Exchange Traded Funds for 2005. Also, where he sees the major indices going. Keeping with the jovial Christmas spirit, he will also host “Who wants to be a “TA” Millionaire”, and provide “alternative” top trader advice.


Alpesh Patel, Agile Partners Asset Management

Alpesh, a former barrister, left to trade full time on his own account in 1996. He has written for the Financial Times since 1999, and provided regular market views for Barclays, Merrill Lynch and HSBC, as well as investment talks for American Express and Goldman Sachs.

STA Monthly Meeting November 2004

Wednesday 10th November 2004

Software Solutions

Basically, David will reprise his talk of two years ago, with an emphasis on the advances in the technology/cost equation and systems developed since then. He will focus on the software solutions available to professional practitioners and private investors alike. If time allows he will look at some of the more modern trading technologies available today for the analysis of time series data. Unlike the uncertain background of two years ago, markets and job prospects seem more settled. That said, members should need no reminder that markets can and do turn on a sixpence, (and if they do, they are likely to lose money), so prospects may change…


David Watts MSTA, STA Committee, Software/Systems & Website STA Meetings : Speakers : David Watts MSTA

David is a Trading System Consultant and professional engineer. He first became involved with the LIFFE markets after being commissioned to provide IT support and write a trading model for a number of LIFFE traders in 1992. Since then he has used his engineering expertise on a number of innovative trading projects

STA Monthly Meeting October 2004

Wednesday 13th October 2004

Technical Analysis and Leveraged Trading

Julian will outline some of the methods he uses to trade and how he applies technical analysis across a range of markets and timeframes. He will illustrate how he identifies the “ price acceleration “ trades which make the easiest positive returns.

The approach will outline the more aggressive approach that comes from managing a leveraged trading portfolio and the emphasis that is placed on money management. Julian will also refresh the money management techniques he showed members when last he addressed the STA in May 2002. He will explain why he spends much of his time in perfecting these instead of trying to find the “perfect” entry system.


Julian McCree

Julian, a graduate in Business Finance, has been a proprietary trader for over 15 years. He trades the interest rate, foreign exchange and stock markets. During his career he has spent time working for HSBC, Citibank and Erste Bank.

STA Monthly Meeting September 2004

Wednesday 8th September 2004

Wyckoff’s Three Laws and Nine Tests

The Wyckoff Method of technical analysis is a pattern recognition system that requires judgment. Although the Wyckoff Method is not a mechanical system per se, nevertheless high reward/low risk opportunities can be routinely and systematically identified using Wyckoff’s three laws and nine tests. Hank will present and illustrate these laws and tests.


Dr. Hank Pruden, Professor, School of Business, Golden Gate University STA Meetings : Speakers : Dr. Hank Pruden

Dr. Hank Pruden is a professor in the School of Business at Golden Gate University in San Francisco, where he has been teaching for 37 years. Dr. Pruden is the executive director of the Institute of Technical Market Analysis (ITMA). At Golden Gate University, he developed the accredited courses in technical market analysis in 1976.

STA Monthly Meeting & Summer Party July 2004

Wednesday 7th July 2004

Sell in May and go away?

Axel will use the title as his theme, to examine the accuracy of this old London stockmarket lore, and the methodology to quantify it. He will analyse the Dow Jones Index as well as the DJ Euro-Stoxx-50 Index to show how a technical analyst can beat equity markets over a three to five year time span whilst keeping risk exposure to roughly half of that of a buy and hold strategy. He will end his talk with an outlook for the year ahead.


Axel Rudolph FSTA, Director and Senior Technical Analyst, Commerzbank Corporates and Markets. Chairman of the Society of Technical Analysts STA Meetings : Speakers : Axel Rudolph FSTA

Axel is a director and senior technical analyst at Commerzbank Corporates and Markets. Previously he was Dow Jones’ Chief Technical Analyst for Europe, a bond, derivatives and proprietary trader in Paris and London. He is a Fellow of the STA.

STA Monthly Meeting June 2004

Wednesday 9th June 2004

Risk/Reward Trading with Elliott Wave

Stephen will demonstrate why he believes controlling Risk is so important, and why it represents one of the most fundamental building blocks for a successful approach to trading. He will outline recent trades on different time frames, from Daily to three minute charts to demonstrate the principles involved. Stephen will also introduce advanced trade management techniques that will help maximise profits that traders can utilize, to help run their profits when applicable.


Steve Griffiths, Software Developer, MTPredictor

Steve Griffiths has been involved in the markets since 1987 as a Private Trader as well as a Software Developer. In 2001 he launched his MTPredictor software program that utilizes his unique “Isolation approach” to Elliott wave analysis. Thirteen years on and MTPredictor is now used by thousands of Traders and Fund Managers worldwide.

STA Monthly Meeting May 2004

Wednesday 12th May 2004

Swing Charting

WD Gann’s swing chart looks like the ideal chart for swing trading, but the stop losses required are so huge that some modifications are necessary. Marc will talk about the modifications he has made to the Gann swing chart and show how essential it is either to draw the swing chart or visualise it on the chart. Marc will demonstrate how the modified swing chart is ideal not only for trend definition of the market as a whole, but also as practical trading tool.


Marc Rivalland, Charting Columnist, Investor’s Chronicle

Marc has been the charting columnist for Britain’s leading financial weekly, Investor’s Chronicle for the past 7 years. He is also the author of a book on swing trading. He remains a practising barrister.

STA Monthly Meeting April 2004

Wednesday 14th April 2004

Optimisation from a Technical Analyst’s Point of View

Optimisation is a controversial subject. 20 years ago it was thought by many, including the speaker, to be the path to the ‘Holy Grail’. When it was discovered not to be the case, it was abandoned. Jeremy will look at Optimisation from a Technical Analyst’s point of view. He will discuss what it is and explore whether it can in fact be used by Technical Analysts to improve their decision-making.


Jeremy Du Plessis FSTA, Head of Technical Analysis, Updata STA Meetings : Speakers : Jeremy Du Plessis FSTA

Jeremy is head of technical analysis at Updata and founded Indexia Research in 1983. Jeremy is an expert on Point and Figure charts. He lectures the Point and Figure module for the STA, and sets the Point and Figure module for the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

STA Monthly Meeting March 2004

Wednesday 10th March 2004

Current Views - A wrap up of the Global Markets

Nicola will give a brief introduction on the methodology used; relative trends, key sectors and stock picking to building market views. She will give her current views on a wide range of charts, covering global markets and stocks with a particular emphasis on European markets.


Nicola Merrell MSTA, Redburn Partners

After training as a technical analyst with Standard and Poor’s, Nicola joined forces with Nick Glydon at Flemings. Subsequently the team moved to JP Morgan before helping found Redburn Partners in 2003.

STA Monthly Meeting February 2004

Wednesday 11th February 2004

Candlestick Reversals - Patterns & Applications for Long Term to Intraday Charts

Clive’s main “brief” in writing his daily analysis is to KISS, and he has found that Candlestick patterns do this very well. They can be used in long and short term charts on any market, if there is an understanding of the psychology behind the myriad patterns. Clive will cover a few of the more common and important reversal patterns, (Hammers, Shooting Stars, Doji, Morning & Evening Stars and Engulfing Patterns), with examples, explaining their formation from a “psychological” point of view.


Clive Lambert MSTA, Founder, FuturesTechs STA Meetings : Speakers : Clive Lambert MSTA

Clive is the founder, and continues to be the main contributor, for FuturesTechs. He has been in the City for 24 years, has been in the futures market for 20 years as a broker and trader, and has been writing technical analysis for over 10 years. He is the author of the book “Candlestick Charts: An Introduction to Using Candlestick Charts”.

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Next STA Meeting

STA Monthly Meeting – March 2020

Tuesday 10th March 2020 at 6.30pm


David Linton MSTA, MFTA, Founder and CEO, Updata

The future of Technical Analysis

In his talk ‘The future of Technical Analysis’, David will examine how the TA landscape is changing for investors and traders and what this means for all of us.

Future STA Meetings

STA Monthly Meeting – April 2020

Tuesday 14th April 2020 at 6.30pm


Sankar Sharma MSTA, CEO,

STA Monthly Meeting – May 2020

Tuesday 12th May 2020 at 6.30pm

Bitcoin: digital gold or a speculative growth asset


Charles Morris, Head of Multi-Asset, Atlantic House Fund Management

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