How to Join

There are currently three categories of membership:

STA Associate

Associate members have joined the STA but have not yet passed the STA Part 1 and Part 2 examinations.

STA Member (MSTA)

Full membership is awarded to those who have passed the STA Part 1 and Part 2 examinations and they are entitled to use the initials MSTA after their name provided that they remain members of the STA. In exceptional cases, and where a potential member possesses a recognised professional equivalent as determined by the Executive Committee, they may also be granted full membership. The Committee’s decision in such cases is final.

STA Fellow (FSTA)

Fellowship is conferred to those who are deemed to have made significant contributions to the subject of technical analysis and/or the workings of the STA. Members are entitled to use the initials FSTA after their name.

International Members

By joining as an STA Associate international member you will receive the STA electronic journal and have the rights to use the library privileges and attend meetings while in the UK, as well as having access to the member’s only section of the STA website with access to the videos of all the monthly meetings. The STA Diploma exam may be taken abroad, at either a British Consulate or a local university. Please contact us for details.


Annual Membership Fees (12 months)
Associate Membership £70
Full Membership £90
Fellows Waived

Please note that the annual membership fee is discounted to £80 for Full Members and £60 for Associates when paying by direct debit.

Membership fees may be tax-deductible in the UK.

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