Malcolm Pryor MA (OXON) MSTA

Malcolm Pryor MA (OXON) MSTA

Author and Private Trader
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Malcolm Pryor is a private trader and investor, a trading coach, and the author of three books and two DVDs on trading. His book “The Financial Spread Betting Handbook” is a best seller and now in its second edition.  He holds the rank of Premier Grand Master at bridge.

Malcolm has been teaching on the STA Diploma Course for several years where he covers risk.

Presentations for the STA

STA AGM & Monthly Meeting March 2010 Profiting from technical analysis as a private trader

In his talk Malcolm will discuss some of the technical analysis concepts which have been profitable for him, some of the ones which haven’t (and why that is), which ones seem to have captured the imagination of the general public, and some of the things which make a real difference such as position sizing and belief systems.

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