David Linton BSc Eng. MFTA

David Linton BSc Eng. MFTA

Founder and CEO, Updata
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David is founder and CEO of Updata and well known commentator in the technical analysis of financial markets. Updata’s technical analysis is used by clients in over 40 countries and relied on by traders and analysts for their decisions.

He is based in New York running Updata’s US business and is a member of The American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. He is a Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA) and the author of ‘Cloud Charts – Trading Success with the Ichimoku Technique’.


STA Videos with Mr. Linton

  • STA Meeting June 2013 – David Linton

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  • Cloud Charts: Trading Success with the Ichimoku Technique Updata Plc; 1st edition (Mar. 2010)

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting June 2013 New Ideas in Technical Analysis

In over 30 years of practicing technical analysis a great deal has changed. The talk will challenge some of the conventional thinking and bring old and new ideas together. It will look at some of the challenges that traders and analysts face with a final look at what is happening in global financial markets.

STA Monthly Meeting April 2010 Cloud Charts

David will cover the ground-breaking new area of technical analysis, known as Cloud Charts or Ichimoku in Japan. He will present many new ideas that have underpinned his recent book on the subject. He will look at combining Cloud Charts with other technical analysis techniques, multi-time frame analysis, Japanese pattern techniques, back-testing and market breadth.

Cloud Charts

STA Monthly Meeting September 2007 Technical Trading Systems: The Elements of Technical Systems and Testing

Systematic Trading, devoid of human emotions has become the “holy grail” of trading. Technical trading approaches can now be quantified, tested and validated using a variety of system testing packages. The theories of the old master technicians can now be tested and validated in real-time. The talk will focus upon how to produce and validate a variety of technical trading systems; then moving from theory to the practical application of system trading.

David will present “Examples of Trading Systems – A diverse collection of systematic methods”. Shaun will present “Testing Trading Systems – Finding the systems that really work”. Finally Francesco will round up the evening with, “Using Trading Systems – Putting it all together in practice”.

STA Monthly Meeting May 2005 Ichimoku Charts – How to read Clouds for Profitable Advantage

David will focus on the latest findings on Ichimoku (Cloud) Charts, which were developed in Japan in the late 1960s, making them one of the most recent developments in Technical Analysis. Although there is still remarkably little written material available on the subject, the technique is becoming more widely followed in western markets. The Ichimoku session was one of the best acclaimed presentations at the Madrid IFTA Conference. David’s presentation follows on from that with the latest findings and observations.

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