Course Lecturers

Course Lecturers

The Society is fortunate to number among its members many eminent and experienced analysts. The STA Diploma Course is taught principally by members and Fellows of the Society. Lecturers include employees of major international banks and institutions, consultants and authors.

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STA Education : Course Lecturers : Richard Adcock MSTA

Richard worked for Brevan Howard, and was formerly Global Head of Technical Strategy for UBS, specialising in Candlestick analysis, combining it with momentum and trending techniques to establish both long and short-term trading strategies. He was voted top Fixed Income Technical strategist in the Technical Analyst magazine poll for 2009 and 2011 and runner-up in 2010, as well as previously being voted number 1 in the Best Individual Fixed Income Technical Strategist section of the Extel awards…

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Thomas Anthonj MSTA

Executive Director and Senior Technical Strategist of FX Strategy, JPMorgan
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Thomas Anthonj MSTA

Thomas joined JPMorgan in September 2009 taking over the role of an FX Technical Strategist. His main focus is on G10 and European currencies where he develops trading – and investment strategies mainly on the basis of Elliott -and Fibonacci-applications. He is author of the flagship publication FX Tech London Open and co-author of FX Markets Weekly. Prior to…

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Rajan Dhall MSTA

STA Education : Course Lecturers : Rajan Dhall MSTA

Rajan Dhall MSTA is an experienced market analyst, who has been trading professionally since 2007 managing various funds producing exceptional returns. He is a full member for the Society of Technical Analysts holding the prestigious MSTA designation and lectures on […]

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STA Education : Course Lecturers : Jeremy Du Plessis BComm BEng (Hons) FSTA

Jeremy founded Indexia Research in 1983. Jeremy is an expert on Point and Figure charts. He lectures the Point and Figure module for the STA, and sets the Point and Figure module for the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

Jeremy has taught technical analysis to thousands of professional traders and investors over the past 20 years. He…

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STA Education : Course Lecturers : Patricia Elbaz BA (Comb Hons) MSTA

Patricia Elbaz was Foreign Exchange Manager – Technical Analysis at MMS Standard & Poor’s before moving on to freelance work.

As independent technical analyst she has conducted technical analysis seminars for the French Institute of Bankers, Futures and Options World, Bloomberg, and Association Française d’Analystes Techniques as well as for the STA. She now also lectures on…

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Steven Goldstein MBA

Risk Performance Consultant, Alpha R Cubed
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Steven Goldstein MBA

Steven is a qualified executive coach and performance coach who works with traders and portfolio managers at some of the world’s leading hedge funds and investment banks. He also provides technical analysis research on a number of major cross currencies for 3CAnalysis. Prior to that Steven had a 25 year career as a trader working at Credit Suisse, Commerzbank and American Express Bank in London in the FX and Fixed Income markets, where he used technical analysis extensively as a…

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STA Education : Course Lecturers : Murray Gunn MA (Hons) Economics MSTA

Murray Gunn MSTA is Head of Research for Elliott Wave International’s Global Market Perspective, a monthly summary of the firm’s 25 analysts’ views on every major freely traded market in the world. (You can follow his Elliott Wave analysis at […]

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Stephen Hoad BA (Hons) MSc MSTA

Founder & CEO, The Stop Hunter
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Stephen Hoad BA (Hons) MSc MSTA

Stephen Hoad is a trader and technical analyst who founded The Stop Hunter, a financial markets training company, in 2015. He now uses his 20 years City experience as a commodity trader, quantitative analyst and senior risk manager to teach private investors how to successfully trade the financial markets ….

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Luise Kliem BA (Comb Hons) FSTA

Consultant & Lecturer
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Luise Kliem BA (Comb Hons) FSTA

Luise Kliem is a Fellow of the STA and current STA chief examiner and Diploma course director.

During a 20-year City career she worked first as a commodity broker, then as a stockbroker, before becoming a full-time technical analyst. She was Senior Technical Analyst (Director of Global Securities Research & Economics) at Merrill Lynch from…

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Clive Lambert MSTA

Founder, FuturesTechs
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Clive Lambert MSTA

Clive Lambert’s company FuturesTechs is one of the UK’s leading independent technical analysis providers. The company is a five-times winner at the Technical Analyst Magazine Awards, most recently winning the “Best Commodities, Energy and Power Research” category at the 2015 awards.

Clive, who is the founder and director of FuturesTechs, has…

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David Linton BSc Eng. MFTA

Founder and CEO, Updata
STA Education : Course Lecturers : David Linton BSc Eng. MFTA

David is founder and CEO of Updata and well known commentator in the technical analysis of financial markets. Updata’s technical analysis is used by clients in over 40 countries and relied on by traders and analysts for their decisions.

He is based in New York running Updata’s US business and is a member of The American Association of Professional Technical Analysts. He is a Master of Financial Technical Analysis (MFTA)…

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Tom Pelc BSc MSTA

Managing Director, Co Head of Macro Technical Strategy, Nomura Securities
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Tom Pelc BSc MSTA

Tom has 29 years’ experience in the financial markets. He spent his first 6 ½ years in the industry working at Standard and Poor’s as a strategist. In the mid 1990s, he joined Merrill Lynch as senior macro technical strategist, covering all asset classes.

From Merrill Lynch Tom switched to the buy-side in 1999 to…

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Tony Plummer BA (Hons) FSTA

Helmsman Economics
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Tony Plummer BA (Hons) FSTA

Tony has worked in financial markets for more than 40 years, and currently researches group behaviour in financial markets and economic activity. He is also on the investment advisory committee of the Osiris Property Fund, and is a trustee of two pension funds.

Tony is a Fellow of the STA and was, until recently, a Visiting Professorial ….

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Malcolm Pryor MA (OXON) MSTA

Author and Private Trader
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Malcolm Pryor MA (OXON) MSTA

Malcolm Pryor is a private trader and investor, a trading coach, and the author of three books and two DVDs on trading. His book “The Financial Spread Betting Handbook” is a best seller and now in its second edition.  He holds the rank of Premier Grand Master at bridge.

Malcolm has been teaching on the STA Diploma Course for…

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Axel Rudolph BSc (Hons) MSc FSTA MCSI

Chairman, Society of Technical Analysts
STA Education : Course Lecturers : Axel Rudolph BSc (Hons) MSc FSTA MCSI

Axel is a Fellow and current Chairman of the STA, and was Vice-Chairman Europe on the board of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). For six years he was responsible for education and programme organisation at the STA. He has been a lecturer on the STA Diploma Part 1 and 2 courses at the London School of Economics and at Queen Mary University of London for over a decade.

He is a director and senior technical analyst at Commerzbank…

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