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Michael Smyrk is a Fellow of the STA. Now working as a consultant, he began to use chart analysis when trading in the commodity markets in 1965, and has been expanding his technical analysis horizons ever since. Many years of involvement in technical analysis education have included managing the MFTA (Master of Financial Technical Analysis) programme for IFTA, teaching on the STA Diploma course and working as examiner both for IFTA and the STA. Michael continues to be involved in the STA Diploma marking process.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting January 2004 Problems with Patterns, or Can You Believe Your Eyes?

Making use of his knowledge of Behavioural Finance, and incorporating some references to neuroscience, Michael will discuss why some price patterns work, and why some don’t. He will not attempt to cover the full range of Reversal Patterns, but will try to draw universal lessons from a limited number of examples.

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