Elizabeth Miller BA Msc MSTA

Elizabeth Miller BA Msc MSTA

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Elizabeth Miller has been a commodities research manager at Mars Inc since 2007, providing applied macro and behavioural economic insights for the ‘raws’ procurement teams. Previous senior technical analyst positions were held at Redtower Asset Management, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, and MMS International. Elizabeth has been a lecturer on the STA Diploma Course and an examiner for the STA Diploma and IFTA CFTeII examinations.

Presentations for the STA

STA Monthly Meeting February 2005 Coffee, Cocoa, Sugar: Using Technicals to Avoid a Bitter Brew

The soft commodities are particularly prone to swings on rumour, political events and weather, making careful analysis of the charts for risk/reward opportunities an essential part of any trading plan. During her talk, Elizabeth will cover the background fundamentals of the marketplace, and how to interpret the charts with that knowledge.

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