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Exam preparation sessions are provided as part of both the STA Diploma Part 1 and STA Diploma Part 2 courses.

These sessions may be booked separately by students who are studying the HSC (Home Study Course) or working independently. They cover essential techniques for successfully completing both levels and offer the chance to clear up any specific queries before each exam.

To help with preparation, Associate Members of the STA can purchase copies of past STA Diploma Part 2 papers from the STA shop. These are supplied in PDF form and do not include model answers. They cost £5 each, and can be supplied back to 2002, although we would initially suggest not going back earlier than 2008 as the exam changed in format at that time. To purchase past STA Diploma Part 2 papers, please click here. Past papers are not available for the STA Diploma Part 1 exam, however click here to download sample questions.

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