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STA Diploma Part 1 & 2 Course Package


This annual nineteen week, CISI accredited, course teaches the basics of technical analysis in Part 1 of the course and then provides in-depth knowledge and practical application of the theories in Part 2 of the STA Diploma Course. It is taught by market professionals, authors and Fellows of the STA and also prepares students for the STA Diploma Part 1 and 2 examinations. These are internationally recognised qualifications, which are equivalent to the International Federation of Technical Analysts’ (IFTA) CFTe I and CFTe II accreditation.

The course takes place from October to April each year. Lectures are held once a week, from 6.15pm-8.30pm, at the London School of Economics and are followed by the Part 1 examination in early December and the Part 2 examination in April.

The cost of this course is £2895 if booked by 1 October 2020(at the early bird rate); £3895 thereafter.

This combined package offers a very significant saving as it includes all nineteen evening lectures (inc exam preparation sessions) as well as the Diploma Part 1 & 2 examinations. For 2020/21 lecture dates please visit the Diploma Part 1 and Diploma Part 2 Course web pages.

To take the course you must be a member of the STA. The cost for 12 months membership for an Associate Member is £70.00.

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Who Should Attend?

Traders, brokers, dealers, fund managers, portfolio managers, market analysts, other investment professionals, private investors, academics and students.

Course Objective

This twenty week course prepares students for the STA Diploma Part 1 & 2 examinations which are internationally recognised qualifications accredited by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). The course objective is to give participants a thorough grounding in the core aspects of technical analysis before progressing to develop in-depth understanding and mastering practical application. It is to confirm that a candidate possesses the professional knowledge, understanding and skills to pursue a career in technical analysis within the investment community. In particular, at the end of their training period qualified technicians are expected to have a good understanding of, and practical experience in, the major techniques taught on the course, together with a wide range of timing and analytical tools and indicators to enable them to select the most advantageous portfolios, trades, hedges etc. for their clients, their employers or their own trading systems. The syllabus is therefore designed primarily to ensure that students will gain the necessary skills to pursue their careers to a more advanced level in a professional manner, and also to provide investors with the knowledge and confidence in technical analysis that will enable them to make better informed trading or investment decisions.

In order to gain the MSTA designation (Member of the Society of Technical Analysts) students will need to pass the STA Diploma Part 1 and Part 2 examinations and be a current member of the STA. The STA Diploma Part 1 Examination is a two hour, 120 question, multiple choice examination and the STA Diploma Part 2 Examination is a three hour paper based exam.

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