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For your information, the following is a list of committees and their members. If you would like to work on an existing committee or would like to help the STA, please let us know.

If you have a specific question on matters relating to the STA, please email us at It will be forwarded to the appropriate STA Committee member who will respond directly to you.

STA CommitteeMembersDescription
Ethics & Procedures

Richard Adcock

This committee ensures that the STA adheres to the highest ethical standards in all of its activities. It reviews our procedures and publications and consults with the STA Board on an ongoing basis.

Data Quality

Nick Kennedy
David Watts

Highlights the importance of trustworthy financial market data to technical analysts/market participants to exchanges and has successfully lobbied data vendors, exchanges and other bodies to ensure that their data is of the highest quality.

Irish Chapter

Robert Reid

Promotes the STA at a regional level in the UK for members who cannot make the London meetings.

Speaker Programme

Tom Hicks
Mark Tennyson d’Eyncourt

Organises the Speaker Programme for the monthly meetings.


KC Maduako

Finds and purchases books and material on technical analysis, charting, market behaviour and related topics for the STA collections at the Barbican Library and the City Business Library in London.

IFTA Liaison

Tom Hicks

Liaises with the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).


Charles Newsome

Works on increasing the STA membership by promoting the merits of STA membership to professional and private investors.


Richard Adcock
Eddie Tofpik

The STA Market Technician is the Journal of the STA that publishes articles by expert members and guest writers on technical analysis and charting methods as well as book and software reviews.

STA Website

Nick Kennedy
David Watts
Axel Rudolph


Publishes the STA website to promote, educate and inform the public and members about the STA. Updates the “members only” section of the website with relevant information for STA members such as job postings, meeting notes and contact groups.


Eddie Tofpik
Clive Lambert

Markets the STA to the professional investment community and to retail investors as the professional technical analysis body in the UK. Promotes the use of technical analysis at every investment decision level and works with other bodies and groups to promote the STA’s educational courses, monthly meetings and advantages of membership.

Software Group

David Watts

Reviews new and existing technical analysis and charting software for the STA and presents its findings regularly to members through the STA Market Technician Journal and at occasional monthly meetings.


Leona Mondsee

The Treasurer’s role involves assessing, reviewing and protecting the STA’s financial wellbeing now and in the future. Short-term responsibilities include ensuring adequate cash flow for ongoing educational courses and training events, and long-term responsibilities include helping to ensure that proposed projects are likely to be financially beneficial to STA members.


Axel Rudolph

Runs the STA’s educational courses that prepare Associate Members for the STA Diploma examination. Works with higher institutes of learning such as Queen Mary University of London to teach technical analysis at their locations.

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