STA Fellows

STA Fellows

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The Association of Chart and Technical Analysts (ACTA) was created in 1968, the oldest of its kind, and became the Society of Technical Analysts Ltd (STA) in November 1986. Since then Fellowships have been awarded to those members who have either greatly contributed to the field of technical analysis or to the development of the STA.

Please find below a list of past STA chairpersons and Fellows (FSTA).

We are indebted to them all!



STA Chairpersons:

Philip Gray 1986-89
Robin Griffiths 1989-92
John Breame 1992-95
Anne Whitby  1995-98
Adam Sorab 1998-2008
Deborah Owen 2008-13
Axel Rudolph 2013-18
Tom Hicks 2018-

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Michael Smyrk

STA Fellows : Michael Smyrk

Michael Smyrk is a past Board Member and a Fellow of the STA. He started charting in the commodity markets in 1965, and – although now retired – continues to use technical analysis for his private investments. He is a firm believer in the power of ‘the crowd’.

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David Sneddon

Current Company: Credit Suisse
STA Fellows : David Sneddon

David Sneddon is a managing director of Credit Suisse in the Investment Banking division, based in London. He is global head of Technical Analysis and is responsible for overseeing the entire technical analysis product, covering the Fixed Income, FX, Equity […]

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Adam Sorab

Fellow and past Chairman of the STA
Current Company: Aptior Capital LLP
STA Fellows : Adam Sorab

Adam Sorab, was STA Chairman from 1998 to 2008 and was President of IFTA from 2010 to 2013. He has been working in financial markets since 1984 and is currently Head of Technical Research at CQS, a hedge fund management company.

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Henry Southworth

Current Company: AfricaAway
STA Fellows : Henry Southworth

Dr Henry Southworth was for several years the editor of ‘The Chartist’ (as the STA magazine was then known), whilst conducting research into technical analysis at the University of Birmingham. Following on from this he set up and managed a technical analysis-based futures fund, before turning to the property market instead.

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STA Fellows : Mark Tennyson d’Eyncourt

Mark Tennyson d’Eyncourt started in the market in 1963, with Durlachers, arguably the leading equity jobber of the day.  After spells with Govetts (later Hoare & Co Govett) and Scrimgeours, he moved into fund management with Wallace Bros Sassoon, just before the great bear market of 1973-74.

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Simon Warren

Fellow and Treasurer of the STA
STA Fellows : Simon Warren

Simon Warren was Head of Investments at Bupa for seven years with responsibility for £3.7bn of assets and £1.1bn of debt. Prior to that he was Deputy Treasurer and Head of Front Office trading where he was responsible for all transactional and FX hedging.

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Anne Whitby

Fellow and past Chairman of the STA
STA Fellows : Anne Whitby

Anne has been a technical analyst for over forty years. She started her career at Chart Analysis Ltd., working for David Fuller, and was Managing Director of the company from 1986 until she left in 1995. After that Anne went to set up a new technical analysis department at 4CAST Ltd., a company established in late 1994 to provide multi-media research to institutions.

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Donald Cornelius

Fellow and second ACTA Chairman (d. 2014)
STA Fellows : Donald Cornelius

After initially starting to train as an accountant, Donald moved to stockbroking in 1953.

In 1968 he became one of the 3,000 members of the London Stock Exchange, but was bought out when personal memberships ended and companies took over. He was a partner in several firms over the years, and became an expert in warrants, and later in traded options. In 1973…

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“Alec” Ellinger

Fellow and Founder Member of ACTA (1904-1989)

Alexander (aka Alec) was born in 1904, Oxford educated and a stockbroker in the City before the war. He founded his own investment consultancy and investment management business, Investment Research, in Cambridge upon being demobbed in 1945. Alec was one of the first few to take the brave step of advocating investment in equities rather than gilts in the post-war era. How right he was.

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David Fuller

Fellow (d. 2019)
STA Fellows : David Fuller

David Fuller gave his first presentation to the STA (then ACTA) in 1970 when it was a fledgling organization. As he says, “we were convinced that we had an important analytical methodology that few people in the City understood. That view has never changed although we often debated the relative effectiveness of different TA methodologies.”

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Elli Gifford

Fellow (d. 2004)

Elli Gifford first became known as a technical analyst when she worked at Investment Research in Cambridge in the mid 1960s. From the late 1970s until 1986 she specialised in the commodity and futures markets, initially at Eurocommodities then at Rudolf Wolff, where she rose to be the Director of Research, responsible for both the technical and fundamental teams. In 1986 she returned to the newly incorporated Investment Research of Cambridge Limited and remained there until 2000.

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Brian Marber

Fellow (d. 2018)
STA Fellows : Brian Marber

Brian was the first fund manager in the UK to manage large funds using only technical analysis, and for six years from 1976/81 was voted best technical analyst in the City. Also in 1980 he was quoted as having the best FX forecasting record in the world.

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Ian Notley

Fellow (d. 2008)

Ian was born in Australia, but moved permanently to Canada in 1974, where he made his name in technical analysis. He created what became known as the Trend & Cycle Department at a major investment house. In the late 1980’s he went out on his own, forming Yelton Fiscal to become an independent research provider.

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Francoise Skelley

Fellow (d. 2008)
STA Fellows : Francoise Skelley

Francoise (‘Fran’) built a world renowned technical team and created many innovative products at Credit Suisse/CSFB from 1992 to 2008. In her role there she genuinely made a difference to the spread of technical analysis in the financial industry. Her approach to market analysis was rigorous and thorough; professionalism at its peak.

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“Harvey” Stewart

Fellow (d. 2002)

Thomas Harvey Stewart, aka “Harvey”, was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge and after graduation remained in this city, joining Alec Ellinger’s growing and much respected investment management and consultancy business where he soon became a partner. Harvey developed the Commodities, and later Futures, side of the business and for many years wrote the regular weekly “London Commodity Charts”, a publication which gained a transatlantic audience and was, at one stage, flown by Concorde every Friday night.

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Eustace Storey

Fellow (d. 1990)

Eustace Storey was a stockbroker, born around the beginning of the twentieth century, and must be considered the doyen of technical analysis in the United Kingdom, having constructed his first chart in 1928. He wrote a book on his price plus volume method, which was based on the idea that the volume of shares was less important than the number of bargains done. He also concluded that historic highs and lows for both market indices and individual shares were characterized by similar price and volume action.

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Bronwen Wood

Fellow, developed the STA’s formal qualification in technical analysis (d. 2002)

Bronwen was instrumental in developing the STA’s formal qualification in technical analysis, and apart from teaching courses for the STA Diploma, in the early years she wrote and marked all the papers. She was a Board member from 1986 until 1993, when she went to work at Adia in Abu Dhabi, and was also a long-standing member of the board of IFTA and of its executive committee. Through this connection, she was widely respected throughout the world, as well as in the UK, as an outstanding technical analyst and an expert in the teaching of technical analysis.

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