The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

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For your information, the following members of the STA form the STA Executive Committee.

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Axel Rudolph BSc (Hons) MSc FSTA MCSI

Chairman of the Society of Technical Analysts
STA Executive Committee : Axel Rudolph BSc (Hons) MSc FSTA MCSI

Axel Rudolph is Chairman of the Society of Technical Analysts, and for three years was Vice-Chairman Europe on the board of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

For six years he was responsible for education and program organisation at the STA. He has been a lecturer on the STA Diploma Part 1 and 2 courses at the London School of Economics and at Queen Mary University of London for over a decade….

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STA Executive Committee : Charles Newsome MSTA FCSI

Charles is a Portfolio Manager at Investec within the Wealth and Investments Division. He is also Divisional Director and Desk Head.

Charles has worked within equity markets and fund management since 1989, when he joined stockbrokers Albert E Sharp as a trainee, which later became Capel Cure Sharp.

In 2003 Charles joined the London office of Christows, which later became Williams de Broё (now Investec Wealth & Investment)…

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Anne Whitby BA (Hons) FSTA

Company Secretary
STA Executive Committee : Anne Whitby BA (Hons) FSTA

Anne has been a technical analyst for over forty years. She started her career at Chart Analysis Ltd., working for David Fuller, and was Managing Director of the company from 1986 until she left in 1995. After that Anne went to set up a new technical analysis department at 4CAST Ltd., a company established in late 1994 to provide multi-media research to institutions. She left in 1999 to accept a position at a large investment bank, but …

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Simon Warren FSTA

STA Executive Committee : Simon Warren FSTA

Simon Warren was Head of Investments at Bupa for seven years with responsibility for £3.7bn of assets and £1.1bn of debt. Prior to that he was Deputy Treasurer and Head of Front Office trading where he was responsible for all transactional and FX hedging.

Simon is a Fellow of the Association of Certified Accountants and began his career at Bupa in 1987 as an accountant before moving over to the Treasury and Investment areas where he utilised his…

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STA Executive Committee : Ben Tyler BA(Econ) FCA MSTA ACSI

Ben has had three formal careers: auditor, finance director of new media companies and, since 2000, investment strategy developer for pensions and long term savers. He stopped work at 50 to manage trials of proprietary strategies, write multi-asset research papers […]

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Karen Jones BSc (Hons) FSTA

Head of Marketing
STA Executive Committee : Karen Jones BSc (Hons) FSTA

Karen Jones is a Managing Director and Head of FICC Technical Analysis Research at Commerzbank Corporates and Markets. The group is responsible for forecasting and formulating technical trading strategy globally and covers foreign exchange, fixed income, emerging markets and commodities. She has extensive experience of technical analysis spanning 25 years.

Karen is responsible for the STA’s Marketing Committee. She previously worked as a global FX technical strategist at CSFB…

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Richard Adcock MSTA

Journal Committee
STA Executive Committee : Richard Adcock MSTA

Richard Adcock is Managing Director, Adcock Analysis Ltd. Richard previously worked for Brevan Howard, and was formerly Global Head of Technical Strategy for UBS, specialising in Candlestick analysis, combining it with momentum and trending techniques to establish both long and […]

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STA Executive Committee : Guido Riolo BSc MBA MSTA

After completing an MBA in finance, Guido worked at Delta Forex, an Italian consultancy specialising  in Elliott Wave analysis on currencies. In 1998 he started at Bloomberg, where his first task was to set up the TA group for the Analytics desk, supporting the European Head of Technical Analysis. In January 2005 he was promoted to Head of TA for the EMEA region. In March 2010 Guido became a member of the board of directors of the Society of Technical Analysts in the UK, with focus on education. Guido…

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Clive Lambert MSTA

STA Executive Committee : Clive Lambert MSTA

Clive Lambert’s company FuturesTechs is one of the UK’s leading independent technical analysis providers. The company is a five-times winner at the Technical Analyst Magazine Awards, most recently winning the “Best Commodities, Energy and Power Research” category at the 2015 awards.

Clive, who is the founder and director of FuturesTechs, has also served on the STA Board, and has been both a regular …

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Tom Hicks MEng MSTA MSCI

Head of Programmes
STA Executive Committee : Tom Hicks MEng MSTA MSCI

Tom Hicks, Partner, Dantom Consulting, is a Fixed Income Trader and Ex Big Four Consultant. He has over 15 years’ experience in the financial industry as a Fixed income trader and Sales person.  Tom has a wealth of experience and […]

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STA Executive Committee : Mark Tennyson d’Eyncourt FSTA

Mark Tennyson d’Eyncourt started in the market in 1963, with Durlachers, arguably the leading equity jobber of the day.  After spells with Govetts (later Hoare & Co Govett) and Scrimgeours, he moved into fund management with Wallace Bros Sassoon, just before the great bear market of 1973-74.  This was when he started to look at technical analysis seriously, when, clearly, fundamental analysis wasn’t working.  For ten years he ran the Qatar Investment Office in London, providing strategic advice for…

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Nick Kennedy BA (Hons) MSTA

Systems and Website Specialist
STA Executive Committee : Nick Kennedy BA (Hons) MSTA

Nick Kennedy is currently Senior Economist at Independent Strategy Ltd, having spent over 20-years working in firms across the City in sales, trading and strategy roles. He is involved in all aspects of Independent Strategy’s investment research process, with a focus on […]

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David Watts BSc (Hons) CEng MICE MIWEM MSTA

Systems and Website Specialist
STA Executive Committee : David Watts BSc (Hons) CEng MICE MIWEM MSTA

David is a Trading System Consultant and professional engineer. He first became involved with the LIFFE markets after being commissioned to provide IT support and write a trading model for a number of LIFFE traders in 1992. Since then he has used his engineering expertise on a number of innovative trading projects. Commissions include the implementation of Dunnigan’s One Way Formulae, a technical trading model, the production of a number of swing timing models for traders within the Butterworth Group…

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