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TAAs a non-profit-making organisation dedicated to the promotion of technical analysis, the Society of Technical Analysts (STA) is here to help you. Whether you are a corporate or private investor, you will find useful information which is continually updated.

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Intensive One Day Introduction to Technical Analysis - 4 June 2014

In response to demand, the Society is running an intensive one day introduction to technical analysis. These one-day courses are suitable for anyone with little or even no knowledge of technical analysis. They would suit both professional and private traders and investors.

Course objective

The course covers the core technical analysis skills needed for both trading and investment purposes. Technical analysis basics and trading/investment techniques are taught by industry professionals with long and wide-ranging experience in the subject, giving delegates access not only to intensive seminar-style teaching but also to the practical application of TA. The one-day course itself does not lead to a qualification in technical analysis, but would provide a very useful first step towards the highly prized STA Diploma should participants wish to continue their studies.


The technical vs. the fundamental approach; technical analysis basics (different chart types, the concept of support and resistance; pattern analysis); relative strength; Dow Theory & Elliott Wave Principle basics; sentiment; market breadth; candlestick charting; moving averages; momentum indicators; technical strategy.

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Monthly Meetings



Tuesday 13 May 2014

Monthly Meeting

Steve Griffiths, MTPredictor

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Tuesday 10 June 2014

Monthly Meeting

Ghassan Bu Chedid

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The Society of Technical Analysts' Objectives

TAThe STA’s main objective is to promote greater use and understanding of technical analysis as a vital investment tool. It aims to serve all members of the investment community, – from investment industry professional to interested members of the public.


Education and Training
Membership and Member Benefits


Education is of primary importance to the STA. For further details of STA Education and Training, please see the Education page.

The Society runs Foundation and Diploma Courses in Technical Analysis. To find out more, click here...

A one day Introducation to Technical Analysis course will be run on 4 June 2014. If you wish to attend, apply here

The STA Home Study course is now available at a price of £495 here

Diploma Course Q & A can be found in the members area



The Society holds regular monthly meetings in London, where current members present their approaches and research.



There are currently three categories of membership:

1. STA Associate
2. STA Member (MSTA)
3. STA Fellow (FSTA)

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